Burden of Faith 45 lvl dungeon Lumina

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Burden of Faith 45 lvl dungeon Lumina Empty Burden of Faith 45 lvl dungeon Lumina

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Fight 1

Here we have very agile enemy, every she's action because of aura she uses. Normaly we can beat this type with banes, but here it's won't work, for each bane on here she reduce your life by 31 every couple of turns. So best strategy here is just to use curse and chill her with frost charms, but be aware, you get aura that hit you 45 magic each time you use frost. So some magic CPB, frost charms and Untie Treads to reduce aura a bit and you'll be fine.

My gear:

Untie Threads (5)
Frigid Hammer (5)
Dawn's Melody (5)
Ice Scabbard (5)
Demon Heart (5)
Icy Winds (5)
Frost Shock (5)
Ice Barrier (3)


Fight 2:

Now we have to fight a priest, he debuff melle with -30 ongoing charms, so forget axeaxeaxe strategy Very Happy reduce summons, cleanse, so these strategies won't work too, also he does spirit damage by projecting wp, 2 spirit for each wp, and he gets 5 wp (not cumul) every 5 turns. So here again we must use curse, this time it gives all players +16 magic ongoing each time you play a holy charm, and don't forget wp/wp destruction/spirit, or you get exhausted really fast by his 10 spirit attacks.

My gear:

Consecrated Soil (3)
Searing Light (5)
Major Holy Flash (5)
Dawn's Melody (5)
Holy Flash (5)
Boreal Spear (4)
Greater Holy Smite (5)
Ray of Light (3)
Holy Smite (5)
Disperse Darkness (5)
Blinding Palm (5)
Withering Touch (5)
Black Pearl Ring (3)
Voodoo Head (4)


Fight 3:

Hardest fight in here, and lot of hiden factors makes it really nasty. We have to fight 2 brothers champions, so expect some EA's and lots of fists here. They use auras to buff their melee, one use +next, other +ongoing, also they debuff your next magic and melee +next a bit every few turns. To kill them we need to use champions weakness to banes, also they help with it by using Champion's toll (15 life reduce to self for each bane on self), but not everything that easy, you can't use any charm with debuff rune, it will grant them an EA and cleanse them, so Crystal Boomerang and some fire/melee charms with banes like Smelting Claws and Siering Flamberg. Sounds easy and you wondering why it is so hard? They are a champions, lots of damage and fast means you get killed way too early to wait till banes does their work, so you need some armor charms, also focus them - focused brother get less buffs, play fists to trigger cracked atmosfere (right jab + left hook combo they use will affect them with cracked atmosfere, and to trigger it, you last played charm must be fist, it will purge all players, +2 to banes, -3 to summons), and last, but not least, you can't focus one brother all the time, because if you try 1 on 1 with full hp brother, he will smash you (no cracked atmosfere to purge), so ward/armor attraction can help to do damage on both of them.

My gear :

Renegade Fire Blast (5)
Fist of Vengeance (2)
Ice Melter (5)
Searing Flamberge (5)
Smelting Claws (5)
Emblem of Support (5)
Armor Attraction (3)
Ward Attraction (3)
Glorious Puncher (5)
Fist of Hades (5)
Sylan Claws (5)
Mithril Helm (5)
Crystal Boomerang (5)

http://wl.attrib.org/estiah/replay/14087722 (this replay is a bit bad, but you can see what happens when you kill one brother and have to fight another one with full hp)

Note: if you are champion, Vital Point and Inner Burst make this fight much easier. Also, if you find better way to do this fight, fell free to share

Fight 4:

Now we have really big enemy, 8000 hp and we can't use any modifiers, he will steal them, summons too not wise srategy, he puts on you bane 8 magic for each summon, no banes either, he will cleanse, so we must kill him by using banes he puts on us and his arcane shrapnel. First thing we need is armor, because he gets same amount of armor (cumul) and when he uses arcane shrapnel, it will do 4 times more damage than armor, so more armor - more damage, but be aware, shrapnel affects all players, so you get damage equal 4 times armor, best way is non cumul armor charms that gives 80-100 armor. How to kill him we know, but how to survive shrapnels? he helps us here again, puts bane on us that heals 8 hp for each aura on us, so just put lots of auras (no auras with armor) and extenders (no apeasing balm, it will cleanse, and we don't want it). Don't forget EA's, because we have deal with banes, they trigger on each action, not on turn. To make it more easier you can use bane extenders on self like empathy or Ghyzochrome Enabler (if your lvl is high enough).

My gear:

Emblem of Support (5)
White Shield of Duty (5)
Tellium Shoulderpads (5)
Yoga Training (5)
Lawful Will (5)
Peaceful Wave (5)
Ocean Sleep Potion (5)
Sleep Potion (5)
Echo Shield (4)
Ice Calling (4)
Empathy (3)
Crystal of the Dawn (5)
Embroidered Robe (5)



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