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Post  revoklaw on Sun May 20, 2012 9:37 am

Fight 1. Basic strategy is to always have some armor for the second guy, but not so much that the third guy kills you, and to use aoes or other targetting to make sure the first guy dies first.

Fight 2. You win once you can't his armor and ward to 0. Basic strategy is to use Jaw of Thallios and extend it forever, along with some armor and ward auras for defense.

Fight 3. If you're not interested in the achievement, just put straight damage and kill the first guy before he revives anyone. This replay is for the achievement.

Fight 4. Easy if you have the right charms, which includes anything that puts negative auras or summons on the hermit. If you don't, you can use armor to make the hermit target and kill your allies, but you don't get the special drops unless your allies survive.


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