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Post  Grigou on Wed Apr 04, 2012 5:18 pm

Fight 1:

This fight is pretty straightforward, no hidden charm effect. Your enemy uses a lot of melee cpb and debuffs your melee damage. So I'd say the easiest way to go is to use lots of magic cpb, some good armor charms and some healing. Personnaly, I used some magical ward projection charms as well as your ward remains intact throughout the fight.

Fight 2:

So, for that fight, the idea is to kill the animator first without focusing him. So you need to use charms that will hit him and not the golem. "Target the enemy with lowest hp" or "with lowest lvl" is the way to go. You can also use some Break focus charms. And some cpb in order to kill the golem before it kills you once the animator is dead.

Fight 3:

Here, you just have to keep your ally alive. A very powerful charm here is Gloom knell as it will give a lot of armor and ward to your golem. Heal him, buff him, and for the rest use cpb and powerful attack charms and you'll be fine Smile. Oh yeah, and use some focus charms as well, as focused monsters will debuff themselves. I also used some AoE debuff charms, such as Song of chaos.

Fight 4:

And for this last fight, the idea is to use your 5 most powerful damage banes, and your 5 most powerful damage summons. Your enemy will give you lots of + summon and + banes, so it will basically kill himself this way. You also need to use some Protect charms to remove the focus from your golem as it will get some bonuses by being focused, and others by not being focused. And as those bonuses are complementary, you do want to shift the Focus on yourself from time to time. For the rest, use armor and ward, also benefiting your golem when possible, heal, etc, and I also used some aura damages too, such as Pure vita earrings, Marduk's blessing, etc.

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