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PvE - Where We All Must Sup Empty PvE - Where We All Must Sup

Post  Wazigekip on Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:03 am

This dungeon is one of the more difficult ones.

Fight 1

You're up against 2 enemies here. The traditional combat forms don't work here. You get a curse that normalizes you every turn. However, it also gives you damage bonuses based on your willpower. Also, there are some conditional checks where you get penalized if you don't play debuff runes. So, the things you want to include in your gear are: extra action damage, cumulative willpower and debuff charms(not grim presence though, banes give the enemy a huge bonus), damage+cumulative willpower charms and soul healing. If you have enough charms for it, stick to melee only. The enemy uses quite some armor and ward.

Example gear:

Rapier x5
Quick Blade x5
Honor Thrust x5
Mach Fist x5
Luminous Idea x5
Magic Shackles x5
Dusk Cape x5
Untie Threads x5
Blade of Burning Sorrow x5
Runed Spear x5
Soul Healing x5
Fury of the Elements x5
Horned Scepter x5
Lightning Reflexes x1
Dragon Rage x2


Fight 2

This fight is really just figuring out what to do. One enemy dies when it is forced to do an extra action. Another enemy dies when it has a focus of 23 turns or more. And the other enemy dies a couple of turns after the other 2. The one that dies when it get 23 turns of focu is the most dangerous. There are 2 types of charms that force an enemy to make an extra action. Death spin always targets the right enemy, but does kill your focus. The other type of charm targets randomly but leaves your focus intact. Both strategies are possible. In the second case you want to include as much of those charms as you have. Otherwise you'll just want to include 2 or 3 death spins. Other than that, cumulative focus charm of course. And song of chaos might keep you alive a little longer.

Example gear:

Hand of the Lich x5
Song of Chaos x5
Death Spin x2
Totem of Unity x5
Lethal Resolution x5
Glass Knives x5


Fight 3

The enemies do far to much damage to use traditional combat strategies. You get a curse that gives you a bonus and the enemies a penalty based on the amount of runes used or discarded. However, you get penalized quite badly as long as you still have more than 30 charms. So you have to find a balance somewhere. If you can survive to 30 charms you can usually survive until the end of the fight. But you have to have enough charms so you can kill the enemies before exhausting. Charms that do spirit damage to yourself are great. Also as much dual rune charms as possible since the bonuses you'll get are based on the runes used or discarded. Mostly defensive charms since those bonusses you'll get will be enough to kill the enemies. No extra actions though, you'll die really quickly otherwise. You'll probably want somewhere between 50 and 60 charms if you use some selfspirit charms.

Example gear:

Desperate Fortress x4
Lay Bare x5
Thor's Fist x5
Heaven Piercer x5
Wisdom of the Repentant x5
Dancing Flames x4
Twitching Sphere x1
Cocooning Cloak x5
Dawn's Melody x5
Ice Barrier x2
Accoutrement of Misery x5
Shifting Thruster x5
Boreal Spear x2
Jade Gauntlet x3
Antique Breastplate x5


Fight 4

Your mean weapon in this fight will probably be your ally Yaxion. He has a combo that sometimes triggers and damage all the enemies based on his willpower. So you will want charms that give cumulative willpower to your ally. You will also get healed when the enemies are stunned. And that happens when the tagalong scholar is focused when he plays a particular charm. Song of chaos also helps a lot to survive a little longer. I've found that a bane based approach works for me. But I do have an edge here with my class charms. It might also be possible without those though. Otherwise I think a defensive gear along with charms that give your ally willpower and some charms to focus the tagalong scholar will be the best approach. So lawful will, fervor's flames, mind cheer, circle of hands, nature's claw and similar ones.

Example gear:

Nature's Claw x5
Sign of Algorab x5
Darkness Falls x5
Grim Presence x5
Song of Chaos x5
Way of the Scout x5
Ghyzochrome Enabler x5
Wisdom of the Repentant x5
Curse of Pandamius x4


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PvE - Where We All Must Sup Empty Re: PvE - Where We All Must Sup

Post  Grigou on Wed Mar 14, 2012 3:21 pm

Thanks for that, I didn't have the courage to figure out that dungeon, I'll do it soon Smile

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