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Post  Grigou on Wed Feb 22, 2012 8:28 pm

Fight 1 :

The main idea here is to keep the Shimmering Hope which is "fighting" alongside with you alive, while he's building up + X to next magic until it actually kills everybody at turn 37. So lots of protects, armor, ward and willpower is the key. Charms such as Fury of the elements, or Shield of the whale are pretty useful there.

Fight 2 :

Here, the idea is to "kill" all the enemy's summons until he eventually hurts himself by losing 500hp if he controls no summon. So, just put all your "- X to target's summons" charms, such as Severing slicers, Word of Solitude, Eater of souls, etc. I also dealt quite a lot of damage by using loads of ward and armor and projecting it with charms such as Pale Wyvern Eye, a few protects to keep the focus. You get the main idea.

Fight 3 :

I don't remember precisely what's the exact strategy for that fight (I'm solely basing the writing of that guide on my decks, I kind of forgot how the fights look like Smile), but I think you just have to stack loads of + ongoing melee or magic damage, and the corresponding protection. As far as I'm concerned, I used magic ongoing damage and I used loads of ward as the enemy steals those modifiers. He uses them against you, but he also loses hp based on how much + ongoing damage he's got. So make him stronger, but protect yourself well, and he'll eventually kill himself.

Fight 4 :

You have to kill only one out of the three bosses to win that fight. When you play a precise type of charms, each boss will use protect. The Martyr will use protect when you use Tech charms for example:

The Martyr: Tech
The Fallen: Debuff
The Vagrant: Buff

The Martyr is probably the easier one to kill as there are a lot of offensive Tech charms. So use your best charms in the category you picked, and the trick lays in the use of Gloom Knell. They will give you a very good defence and give you the time to kill the boss. The use of summons is also a great help as they don't switch the focus but can deal a significant amount of damage as it's a pretty long fight.

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