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Post  Grigou on Mon Jul 11, 2011 3:39 pm

Hey Wazi, as you're in charge of the squads and don't want to start intruding in your strategies, here are private messages I got from the guild master of NOBLE :

"Hi Grigou,

I just saw a battle request from your guild. I think it is good if our guilds can enter into a battle pact for mutual GHP gain. Based on the cool down period, we can do this about twice a week, i.e. 4 battles.

In principal, we will send about 5-6 squads to battle. You will need to set your lower level players to the elite groups to let us win (rearrange your squads). You will send your regular 7 squads to battle.

If you are ok with this, we will send you a battle request, and accept the one you just sent.



"Hi Grigou,

I went ahead and accepted your battle request to avoid wasting AP, since it was to expire in a few hours, and I may not be around then.

I also send in 5 squads from our side. I hope you have a chance to rearrange your squads per my last email.

Tks, Hyborem "

You can directly contact him if you want, I just told him that I've let you known Wink

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