PvE - That Bitter Noutishment (above level 35)

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PvE - That Bitter Noutishment (above level 35) Empty PvE - That Bitter Noutishment (above level 35)

Post  Wazigekip on Wed Jun 22, 2011 3:47 am

That Bitter Nourishment (above level 35)

This has been the most difficult dungeon I encountered so far. I had to farm quite some missing charms and use quite some action points to find out exactly which strategies to use. But I really wanted those Prophetic Insignia to make those 2 charms which are really nice. The other 5 too of course, but I can't use those for a long time.

Fight 1 - Cult Assassin

The enemy uses high piercing melee so armor is not reallt going to help here. So you have to reduce melee damage bonus. And since using debuff runes will prevent banes you also have that covered. And of course you will need quite some damage. You cannot use constant damage boosters though, so you will have to just use plain damage charms. And you also cannot use banes. Furthermore, you will also have to defeat the count. There are several ways to do that. projection, summons or by using the curse you get during the fight. If you have more than 21 willpower the count will die. I think using the curse is the easiest way. You just have to include a total of 22 cumulative willpower and avoid charms that inflict spirit on yourself. So some melee debuff charms, 22 cumulative willpower and the rest will be damage charms.

This is the gear I used:

Luminous Idea x5
Chosen Path x3
Dark Blood x2
Honor Seal x2
Black Cinder x3
Dusk Cape x4
Blue Dragon Bone x5
Demon Embrace x5
Shadow Blast x5
Greater Shadow Bolt x5
Feet Bind x5
Black Heart x2

This fight was really annoying. Because banes are sort of my specialty and I could not use any of those. I haven't even made any level 27 of 32 shadow pvp charms so I had to use all that other stuff.

Fight 2 - The Entropic Mage

The second really annoying fight. Because the enemy heals itself when his hit points get too low. It took me some time but I managed to find a way to avoid that. Since the order of the charms is fixed you can prevent the healing. You have to make sure that every time he uses that charm he has too much hit points to trigger his healing ability. So you have to produce a reasonably constant damage so that he will not heal himself after 12 turns. But enough so that you will kill him within 17 turns. I used a bane strategy so that the damage start out low but will increase once the time passes. That way the chances of him healing are really low. a few ward charms might be usefull if you do not have enough hit points to survive 17 turns.

This is the gear I used:

Shaman Coldburn x5
Shaman Voltage x5
Hateful Flame x5
Duelist Consuming Flame x5
Prismatic Charge x2
Blue Dragon Bone x5
Venom Dart x5

I used quite some class charms here. It probably can be done without those. And other classes probably have their own useful class charms. I actually used a regular damage gear first and won the first fight. But I lost the next 7 so that was apparently just luck and I had to make a more reliable gear. It seemed I mostly did too much damage so he would heal on turn 12.

Fight 3 - Lez and Nip

This fight is a lot easier than the previous 2. You get an aura that will give you a damage bonus for each aura. So you just have to use a lot of auras and magic damage charms.

This is the gear I used:

Lesser Stoneskin Potion x5
Stoneskin Potion x5
Martyrdom x5
Prismatic Charge x5
Shaman Voodoo Doll x5
Shaman Darkened Rod x5
Shaman Black Feather x5

The class charms can easily be replaced by other magic damage charms. I just do not have a lot of those, so the class charms are just my best damage charms.

Fight 4 - Corrupting Spirit

This fight is actually really easy. you just have to use a lot of charms that all do 2 spirit damage. I'm not sure if it is possible to target the heartbreaking despair since it hasn't happened to me yet, but I assume that it is. If you target the corrupting spirit first you will win easily because the enemy will always just play the 3rd charm of its charm route. Otherwise you will need some extra actions that do damage or destroy armor/ward. Also, charms that do 2 spirit damage and do damage or destroy armor/ward are useful.

This is the gear I used:

Chaotic Shadow x2
Crumbling Confidence x5
Shadow Whisper x5
Mind Domination x5
Duelist Mind Blast x5
Mind Resonance x3
Chaotic Desire x3
Luminous Idea x5
Blue Dragon Bone x5
Ephemeral Shade x5
Hastened Blast x2

A lot of the charms found in this dungeon will make the fights easier the next time. You can find a lot of charms that give cumulative willpower here. And crumbling confidence is useful in the last fight. And you can make some really nice charms with those Prophetic Insignia. Your tier 1 class charms for instance.

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PvE - That Bitter Noutishment (above level 35) Empty Re: PvE - That Bitter Noutishment (above level 35)

Post  Grigou on Sat Jun 25, 2011 3:57 am

I never tried that dungeon, it's probably new, but it sounds interesting. I'll give it a try someday as charms that can be crafted with the drops are quite interesting, even for a lvl 50.

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PvE - That Bitter Noutishment (above level 35) Empty Re: PvE - That Bitter Noutishment (above level 35)

Post  Korhdril on Sun Nov 20, 2011 12:39 am

Thank God for this write-up. I really, really hate this place, but now I have to farm it to get my level 48 class charms. Edit... level 38 elite charms I never bothered to get earlier...

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PvE - That Bitter Noutishment (above level 35) Empty Re: PvE - That Bitter Noutishment (above level 35)

Post  sjd on Tue Dec 06, 2011 12:06 pm

3rd fight is really fun, stacking auras and you can easily do 1000+ damage to the game develpers Very Happy

Boss fight: Havent beat it actually, need to farm 5x shadow of the damned, Gloves of the Martyr and Shadowspawn Fang, and it should be easy Cool


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PvE - That Bitter Noutishment (above level 35) Empty Re: PvE - That Bitter Noutishment (above level 35)

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