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Post  Wazigekip on Sat May 28, 2011 5:23 pm

Frost fortress

All right, here is my second attampt at a dungeon guide.

Fight 1 - Great Bear

The enemy does not do a lot of damage, at least not until it builds up his constant damage bonus. That gives you quite some turns to kill it. Doing damage is not that easy though. It has an aura that gives it 30 armor and ward 75% of the time. It also cleanses and purges, so banes and damage bonuses are not an option. That leaves summons, regular damage and armor/ward destruction. summons are not extremely effective. The best way is to just use fist or shadow charms that destroy armor/ward and do damage at the same time.

This is the gear I used:

Invoke Defender x5
Greater Shadow Bolt x5
Duelist Shadow Staff x5
Shadow Bolt x5
Duelist Sprite Invocation x5
Summon Imp x5
Hastened Blast x5
Untie Threads x2
Black Heart x5

The summons are just because I have no other good shadow charms. The hastened blasts are class charms but not really that important. The invoke defenders only become availible at level 32, but I already was level 32 when I got around to this dungeon and it is a really good defensive charm against enemies that use both melee and magic. The untie threads probably decreases the armor/ward aura but does give you extra damage from the enemy bane. But since a short fight is better I think it is a useful addition.

Fight 2 - Wolverine x3

The enemies do not do a lot of damage. However, you lose if a poor child dies. The poor children give you protect, but not enough for the entire fight. There are several ways to win this fight. You can kill the wolverines, exhaust them, of just tank the entire fight. Tanking is the easiest and safest way in my opinion. You will need additional protect charms and armor. Charms with protect 6 like blacksand shield and air wall are really useful because they protect for 2 full rounds. The enemies have 18 spirit, so you only need 19 charms. You can use some useful extra actions like blinding scratch since the enemy does not use banes.

This is the gear I used:

Blacksand Shield x5
Golem Shield x5
Terrine's Heavy Shield x2
Full Tellium Plate x5
Invoke Magic Shield x2

Winning this fight will give you a sad snowball. You can use that the next time to create a combo to increase the spirit damage of you and the poor children.

Fight 3 - Ice Princess

The enemy has way too much hit points to kill normally. luckily it has an aura that damages itself for each enemy aura. So you have to use quite some auras. But the enemy also has a powerfull projection attack so you have to do a lot of magic damage to keep its ward down. The enemy also has a charm that increases the duration of the auras of all players for each bane on it. This will increase your auras enough so that you can do enough damage, but it also increase the auras of the enemy that create ward and use projection attacks. So you have to use banes that do magic damage or destroy ward.

This is the gear I used:

Living Armor x5
Sleep Potion x5
Dozing Potion x5
Duelist Consuming Flame x5
Venom Dart x5
Brawler's Poison x5
Cobra Venom x4
Shaman Inner Flames x3
Shaman Black Feather x5

I use 15 auras that also have a useful effect since they heal me. The rest are all banes the do magic damage or destroy ward. As a shaman I have some extra useful banes for this fight, but those are certainly not neccessary. If you have extra spirit you can use some extra actions that do magic damage or destroy ward or something else that is useful.

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