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PVE - Revival of the Fury Empty PVE - Revival of the Fury

Post  Grigou on Sat Apr 02, 2011 3:04 pm

As Korhdril asked for it, here's a "strategy guide" for Revival of the Fury Smile

Mex, Maintankadin guild wrote:
Revival of the Fury

Notable drops - All the drops are very powerful. The epic is Salamath's Judgement, and is also awesome.

Overview - My favourite group fight. 4 players fight a Phoenix! It has 10,000 HP! It also lays a flame bomb every 6 turns with 200 HP, which if not killed, explodes for 440 damage to each person. The phoenix itself protects (so all attacks are focused on it), and periodically debuffs (-150) the next magic/melee attacks of everyone. It also buffs its own attack, so it gets stronger, and stronger, and stronger as time goes on. It cleanses itself, too, so no debuffs!

Strategy - First up, you need a tank. That tank needs to play a tonne of ward, and not rely too heavily on auras. It's very hard to effectively tank this dungeon if you're below ~45.

Everyone else goes balls to the wall CPB DPS. Melee is most common, but magic def works too. The key is killing the flame egg asap, everytime it spawns, using one or other of special targetting charms, such as Viscious Stab, Will Attraction, and Nature's Claw. You'll need at LEAST 10 of these in your deck. With melee CPB, by the end VS / NC will one-shot the egg. Impact (or anything else that breaks focus) is also good here, since it will break the Phoenix's protect.

You really need to make sure you have a quality CPB deck for this fight -- your best 30 melee charms won't cut it. 10-15 hyphused, 5 blood pact, 5 release karma, 5 NC. Try to stick with no more than 10 non-EA charms that don't do melee damage. CPB works best when you play damage every turn. Use as many double-hit charms as you can, too.

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PVE - Revival of the Fury Empty Re: PVE - Revival of the Fury

Post  Korhdril on Fri May 13, 2011 7:58 am

I'm farming this at least once a day now, because the rewards are very good, both from the encounter itself and the craftables from Phoenix Ashes. I finally found a fight that's ideal for a Slayer to tank! Because I can purge (assuming it comes up at the right time) I can mitigate the damage and just absorb the rest. Plus as a tank I simply start an "I tank" group and it fills up pretty fast. If you're loitering in Draka feel free to join if you see an "I tank pw melee" group up.

For those curious, here's my gear for it (at the moment, as I get improved wards I fill them in and replace the Air Walls):

Skygod Sigil (1)
Jade Ring (4)
Glorious Warder (5)
Chromatic Boots (5)
True Sight (5)
Shielding Talisman (5)
Ruler's Helm (5)
Jade Shield (5)
Air Wall (4)
Chosen Path (5)
Earth Dragon Crown (3)
Ukko's Indifference (2)
Imbue Armor (5)
Magma Shield (5)

If my Protects don't come up early someone else takes few hits, which means I last that much longer. I have had a few times where I drew a Protect in round 1, and got the "Nay can break my cumulative ward" achievement for it, for what that's worth (I don't really bother with the achievements). I've yet to fail this encounter as a tank, although twice it's been close since the melee users didn't destroy the Flame Bomb and we absorbed two full-on hits from it. Fortunately the last one came late, and the melee users had built up so much CPB they finished him off the round after I died. Even got one of my party their first Salamath's Judgment, yay! (unfortunately no one I knew, but still, I sent them a congrats).

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