PvP Coliseum 3vs3 - Grigou, Azn Noobie, ???

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PvP Coliseum 3vs3 - Grigou, Azn Noobie, ??? Empty PvP Coliseum 3vs3 - Grigou, Azn Noobie, ???

Post  Grigou on Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:10 pm

So, I'll be using a melee deck such as :

Nature's Claw x4
Sneak Up x3
Nightmare Powder x2
Rogue Death Dance x2
Might Inversion x2
Silencing Blow x1
Release Karma x4
Fury of the Seas x5
Illumination x5
Hyphine Injection x5
Jade Bracer x5
Nerman's Defender x3
Siren's Songs x2
Colithon Daggers x2
Heaven's Finger x2
Assassin's Sigil x2
Strike x5

We should all have Strike x5 and maybe some Celestial sword for those who have them. My build is pretty staightforward. Melee damage, a few constant and regular power boosters, some focus charms, some Protect and Vanish charms so that damages are spread among the three of us and some armor and ward. Can somebody tank properly by the way? I saw some tanks in PvP a few times, and it's pretty good to have one.

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